Our Staff

The Rose Trust staff talent pool

As a Trust, we acknowledge the need to retain and develop talented staff within our schools. We will use the growth of the MAT to provide professional opportunities for ambitious, skilled staff who share our vision and who are interested in developing their skills. We also have a strong emphasis on ITT development.

We are looking for schools who share our ambitions for the future, whose culture and ethos match ours, and who are committed to providing the very best for their children both academically and socially.


Peter Haynes
Peter Steadman
Chair of Trustees
Paul Williams
Mavis Latham
Vice Chair of Trustees
Jill Foster
Chief Executive Officer
Phil Crawley
Ellen Walker
HR Director


David Thewlis

is a retired Principal Adviser for School Improvement for Sheffield City Council and former Regional Adviser for the National Strategies for the Yorkshire and Humberside Region. These appointments followed a distinguished Teaching and Headship career in York. His experience includes significant support for both school leaders and governors in improving schools and outcomes for pupils, as well as leading on key areas of policy for school development. Part of David’s work with the National Strategies in Yorkshire and Humber was to lead the development of the School Improvement Partner Programme.

David is now retired but has kept close ties with schools in the Yorkshire and Humber area. He has a keen interest in travel and particular enjoys visiting large sporting events both in the UK and abroad.

Phil Crawley

Phil Crawley has been a commercial solicitor for 10 years and has advised on education law matters including academy conversions for the last 3 years. His experience as a commercial lawyer will enable him to strategically advise the trust regarding contractual relationships with service providers and his educational law role will enable him to offer support to the trust in many different scenarios.

Part of his role as a commercial lawyer is reviewing and interpreting, often complex, financial information provided to him by clients as part of company sale and purchase due diligence. He also liaises on a daily basis with accountants and other corporate finance experts to ensure that the financial information he receives is scrutinised at the right level.

He has been involved in monitoring school data since 2010 and has undertaken school improvement roles at Shaw Wood Academy/Richmond Hill Primary Academy. His experiences at Shaw Wood/Richmond Hill mean that he is able to effectively analyse data and offer strategic challenge and support to the senior leaders of the trust.

In January 2014 he became Chair of Shaw Wood Academy and oversaw a change of leadership following a negative Ofsted outcome in May 2014. Since then Shaw Wood has had an external review by B11 in February 2016 and an Ofsted inspection in April 2016 where all judgements are now good (with pupils personal development and welfare is now graded as Outstanding).

Phil is also applying to become a National Leader of Governance.